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Who’s the Ref

In an effort to streamline the process of scheduling matches and assigning referees, the Mid-America Rugby Referee Society will begin using This is a powerful application that will handle all functions of scheduling, assigning, and tracking.

If you are a scheduler, referee, evaluator, referee coach, or club contact, you will need to go to, click on LOGIN, and then click on “Forgot or need a password”. If you have any questions, please contact Barry Tantaris.

The schedule for all matches covered by the Mid-America Rugby Referee Society can be found here:

Going forward, all matches will need to be entered into this system in order to have a referee assigned.


Barry Tantaris
President, Mid-America Rugby Referee Society

MRFU Men’s Division III playoffs

The MRFU Men’s Division III playoffs will be held on April 23rd and 24th at Forest Park. All league matches have been played and the final¬†standings are:

#1 St. Louis Royals
#2 St. Louis Hornets
#3 St. Louis Bombers D3
#4 St. Louis Ramblers

The match-ups will be:
Apr 23 @ 1:00pm – #1 Royals vs #4 Ramblers
Apr 23 @ 3:00pm – #2 Hornets vs #3 Bombers D3
Apr 24 @ 1:00pm – Championship match

GP = Games Played
W = Wins
L  = Losses
T = Ties
PF = Points For
PA = Points Against
PD = Point Differential
BT = Bonus Trys (for scoring 4 or more)
BL = Bonus Loss (for a loss within 7 points of the winning teams score)
FF = Forfeit