Referee abuse

As a community who loves the game and want it to continue to grow and be successful in the USA, it is our combined responsibility to adhere to the principles and spirit of the game. To protect these principles, we feel it is in the best interest of the game that, moving forward, we employ the following approach:

  1. Match Officials abuse/dissent by Players on the field, individual or team:
    1. First occasion, Penalty Kick or Penalty Kick 10m forward;
    2. Second occasion, Penalty Kick & Yellow Card
    3. Third occasion, Penalty Kick & Red Card
  2. Match Officials abuse/dissent by Coaches, Team Staff and Substitutes on the sidelines:
    1. One warning;
    2. On the second occasions, ejection from the playing enclosure;
    3. Failing that the match will be abandoned.


RICHARD EVERY  |  High Performance Referee Manager  |  USA Rugby