Guidance from Richard Every


After reviewing many matches this week, it is great to see that some referees are steadily improving and stepping up.

Refereeing is an ongoing learning process, and here are a few areas that have been identified where we can improve:

  1. Rewarding dominance: A legally dominant scrum should be rewarded. This can have a huge affect on the outcome of a game if you eliminate a legally dominant scrum.
  2. Setting Standards vs Materiality: When establishing behavior early in the match, be certain that it is for infringements that have a material effect. Calling infringements that are too small to be of consequence sets standards that players are unable to attain or understand.
  3. Empathy: You’re constantly building trust and respect in the game. However, if you engage players early in the match with warnings and discussions, you open the door for constant debate, which blurs the lines of your expectations and diminishes your opportunity to Set Standards. Keeping it simple, making clear calls and minimizing communication allow you to influence the game and player behavior without it being about you.

All the best for this weekend!

RICHARD EVERY | High Performance Referee Manager | USA Rugby