Things to consider

A few things to consider this week:

    1. We are still not effectively refereeing the Tackler Assist. Mostly due to not being in the correct position quick enough. Work to get there. Waiting for attackers to clean out the TA allows them to slow down ball recycle.
    2. Attacking team forming a wall in front of the last line of feet. Ask them once to move onside, then penalize them. (Especially in WPL).
  2. SCRUM
    1. Set it up for success. Shoulders in line (LH right shoulder showing) and TH not to bind on the arm or twist LH’s arm down.
    1. Too often am seeing advantage under pressure. Play PK advantage when there’s a clear opportunity that it may accrue, otherwise you are wasting time and the players’ energy.
    1. Seeing a lot of late tackles/bumps etc. especially in the WPL. Taking out the passing player late to not allow them to support the new ball carrier is a deliberate infringement and should be dealt with accordingly.
    2. Deliberately slapping the ball out of the scrum half’s hands puts the player in the situation where they can receive a YC.
    3. When players deliberately infringe they may be carded without prior warning, especially when it is in the 22m area.
    1. Please review last week’s email below. Apparently coaches are not yet adhering to this and referees are not enforcing it effectively. Referees are to ensure their AR’s are not hindered and absolutely if a coach walks on the field without your permission it is grounds for WARNING then an ejection thereafter.


RICHARD EVERY  |  High Performance Referee Manager  |  USA Rugby